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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you take purchase orders?

A: Yes, we do. If you plan on sending a purchase order, email, call, or fax us to let us know that you'd like to use a purchase order.

Q: Can I special order items not listed on your website?

A: Yes, we have a wholesale division that has access to thousands of products. Please contact us and let us know what you're looking for.

Q: Do you offer payment terms or invoicing?

A: Yes, please contact us via phone and we can arrange payment terms.

Q: Do you offer shipping methods aside from UPS?

A: Yes, please contact us via phone to arrange for other shipping methods.

Q: Can we use our UPS corporate account to ship?

A: Yes, for large orders, please contact us to arrange special shipping.

Q: If I want to buy a large volume of Hook and Loop, can I get better pricing?

A: Absolutely, we founded our company in the wholesale trades and we would be happy to quote large volume orders very competitively – give our sales staff a call!

Q: What is Hook and Loop?

A: Hook and Loop is 2 strips of narrow fabric fasteners. One side is the Loop, which is the soft fuzzy side, and the other side is the Hook, which is the hard, rough side. When the 2 strips are touched together, hundreds of Hooks engage with hundreds of Loops, and this forms a strong bond or fastener. When pulled apart, the nylon hook actually straightens out in order to release from the loop and once released the hook returns to its natural state in the shape of a hook.

Q: What is the ripping sound that I hear when I pull Hook and Loop apart?

A: The Hook and Loop ripping sound that you hear is the breaking of some of the Loops that are engaged with the Hooks – instead of straightening out each time, the Hooks will stay curled over and break the Loop instead -- but don't worry, you can engage and disengage our Hook and Loop over 5000 times before it will begin to lose its initial bond strength.

Q: How do I know the difference between the Hook side and the Loop side?

A: As mentioned above, the Hook side is the hard, rough or scratchy side (to be very technical!). If you look very closely at the Hook side you will see the hundreds of tiny Hooks attached to the nylon backing. The Loop side is the soft, fuzzy side.

Q: How strong is the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backed Hook and Loop?

A: The PS Adhesive that we use is rubber based and will bond permanently to about 95% of the substrates that you want to attach to (See PSA Specification Page for details). The only substrates that we warn against using rubber based adhesive on are soft vinyls or fabrics. As a rule our adhesive works well on hard surfaces, not soft ones.

Q: How is Hook and Loop sold?

A: We sell our Hook and Loop Fastening Tape on rolls. For Sew On, our rolls are typically 50 Yards long. For PS Adhesive, our rolls are 25 Yards long. You can buy our product by the roll or by the case. Case size varies depending on width of the product as well as if you are buying Sew On or PSA. Check our size chart for more info.

Q: What colors do you offer?

A: Our standard in stock everyday colors are Black and White. 99% of our sales are in Black and White so we stock up on these heavily and can always ship out these colors within 1 Day of your order. We also offer a variety of other colors; however, these are only sold by case quantity and require a little more lead time.

Q: What if I need help determining the right product to use?

A: Call us at 781-767-4511 and speak to anyone in customer service. We have all the technical expertise to point you in the right direction and we are eager to help.

Q: Can you ship UPS or FEDEX Next Day or 2nd Day?

A: Yes, we can ship any way you like – call us at 781-767-4511 and we can give you the cost to ship using alternate methods.