Strap-it Cable Ties

Strap-It ™ reusable self-gripping cable tie straps around anything that needs to be bundled or kept in place. Its low profile Back-to-Back Nylon Hook and Loop Closures make it flexible and soft to the touch while also offering excellent fastening strength. Unlike most quick ties, wire bands, tape or twists Strap-It ™ can be quickly opened and closed (cycled) hundreds of times. It comes on 1" x 25 yard rolls and can be easily cut with scissors or razor knife to any desired length.

Suitable Applications:

  • Server Room Cable Management
  • Telecom Closet Cable Management
  • Desktop PC Cable Management
  • Home Theater System Cable Management
  • Audio Equipment Cable Management
  • Military Telecom Cable Management
  • Data Center Cable Management
Click Product Image for More Details. Product Namesort icon Price per Roll (25 yds) Number of Rolls
1" Black Strap-It cable ties 1" Black Strap-It $21.00
Price Per Yard:
1/2" Black Strap-It Cable Ties 1/2" Black Strap-It $13.00
Price Per Yard:
3/4" Black Strap-It Cable Ties 3/4" Black Strap-It $17.00
Price Per Yard: